Playful interactive visualizations that make you think

After a tiring online shopping spree, this is how my receipt looked like:

And after all of that shopping, including 200 years of Netflix, 5 mansions, 10 skyscrapers, 10 cruise ships, and 17 NBA teams among others, I was still left with $40,166,327,778 - yeah, 40 Billion Dollars.

This is a fun game called ‘Spend Bill Gates’ Money” -

It’s definitely a lot of fun but really puts the disparity in perspective. It’s almost as if this simple online game could make you think! And that’s exactly what today’s newsletter aims to do - makes you think about the power of simple playful interactions like the one we just did.

Beyond a point, without adequate practice and familiarity, we’re bad at visualizing things. How much shorter is a 1000-story building than a million-story building? How much deeper is a 400-foot deep lake than a 40-foot deep lake?

  1. Let’s start with a simple one - How tiny and insignificant are we, truly?

  2. It’s often tiring to hear about the rapid pace of change in the world right? - What does 10 years of technology change truly look and feel like?

  3. How crowded is the orbit? - Here’s a way to see all the satellites in orbit (It’s a few years dated)

  4. Daily Routines of Creative People

  5. 100 years of music


There are countless more and each makes you think a lot about yourself and the world around you!

Have a playful weekend!