Art, how to start, and why it's important for your brain!

Hey Readers!

It’s been almost a year since I began to learn how to draw and paint. It was an absolutely crazy journey and I now consider myself a beginner.

This is what one of my first drawings looked like in May of 2020 where I tried to imitate the artist Vimal Chandran.

This is what my drawings started looking like 6 months later in October of 2020 when imitating a drawing I found on dribble

And this was my most recent drawing from last week - largely from my mind and combination of photos online

Along the way, I’ve experimented with different materials, dimensions, colors, artistic styles, and more.

But a lot of it came down to trying to learn from a few of these videos on youtube. If you’ve wanted to be an artist, or just curious to learn how to sketch, these are great resources to try with you and/or your friends/family!

  1. How to draw some cool, intricate trees with a pen! 10-15 mins

  2. How to draw cartoon faces with different expressions

  3. Drawing cute animals - the science of drawing cuteness

  4. Shibasaki - Watercolor house - Just use any watercolors!

  5. Drawing flowers! - Focus on the details in the video

Why should you learn to draw? It’s amazing for your brain!



Have a playful weekend!